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97% pure raw uncut Peruvian coke available;(Wickr: ficherchem)

Jason Yang
We ship from grams to several kilos, we supply High quality and uncut 97% Raw uncut Colombian, Peruvian cocaine, High quality uncut black tar, high quality Ketamine, real MDMA, and more. We believe in only selling the best quality and the purest products. we have other research chemicals. Our quality is the best you can find around and we sell in large quantities, but sample package is provided. we guarantee discreet with stealth and decoy, guaranteed succesful delivery to any Country and in good time, with a 100% successful delivery record. Contact me on Wickr for more detailed information. CONTACT INFORMATION: EMAIL: ficherchem@prontonmail.com SKYPE: ndimah46 Wickr: ficherchem ICQ: Ficher Chem
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