Our organisation is called Apeirons, which signifies Unity, and our members are people with disabilities and their friends. Together, we are working towards an integrated society in Latvia.

Apeirons has been active since 1994 and was formally constituted and registered in 1997.

True to the meaning of its name, Apeirons is a dynamic organisation, which is constantly exploring fresh avenues and taking up new challenges in innovative ways.

Our organisation is not big in size (63 members and more than 100 friends - volunteers), but very active and creative in developing, writing, justifying and realising different kind of projects and programs on local, governmental and international level. The members of Apeirons are different age, beliefs, nationality and sex. As we by ourselves are mostly young people then it is very common that young people wants to join us, but it does not exclude older age people.

On international level - we have co-operation with SHIA Sweden; East European partnership; DUNS Sweden; Mobility Internationals Brussels; DPI (Disabled people international); Muscular Disease organisation Estonia.

On governmental and local level - we have co-operation with Ministry of Welfare division of Social Aid; Riga Dome department of Welfare; Regional municipalities; National Human rights office, NGO's, as well as with others National rehabilitation centres. And write now we are developing co-operation EU agency for International programs for Youth in Latvia.

In the last two years we:

The actions of Apeirons have contributed to a raised awareness of disability issues in Latvia. The active partnerships, which it has developed with government, at both a national and local level, are supporting the implementation of the UN Standard Rules nation-wide.

Now the activities of Apeirons also include:

If you want to donate, our bank information is as follows:

Slokas iela 31
Riga, LV-1007
Registration Nr. 40008018477
Rietumu Banka "Saules" filiale
Code: 3100101715
Account Nr.: 069801931

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For more information about these
and other activities please contact:

Tomsona street, 33 - 1
Tel. / Fax: (371) 7 377 376
E-mail: apeirons@parks.lv